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Singing bowls for sale

Please, listen to the videos of singing bowls now on offer by THIS LINK to Facebook album. We have more bowls in London studio N22 8DH (Woods Green).

If you deeply connect with the sound and would like to purchase, please contact Lola by yoga@lolalhamo.com or +447757093532 to arrange visit to Lhamo Yoga & Sound Studio at Woods Green (N22) or for delivery around the globe.

If you would like to learn more about sound healing and how to use the singing bowls, you are welcome to join the course in London or invite us to hold it at your space anywhere in the world. http://vibroacoustictherapy.org/events/education/sound-energy-medicine-and-nada-yoga/

Thank you for sharing healing sound with the world 🙏

Medium/Large Master Bowls

~Antique bowls (50-100 years old)

Lhamo Master Singing Bowls for healing

Lhamo bowls are produced from the same high quality combination of metals’ mix as full moon bowls, just not on the day of full moon. They are known for their complex sound and healing qualities, being integrated  by sound therapists, yoga & meditation teachers, psychotherapists into healing work.

Lhamo bowls are engraved with powerful mantras :
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Ma Tri Mu Ye Sa Le Du (Bon mantra of Liberation)


This Heart mantra is said to be the essence of enlightenment in sound and energy, and as we sing or chant the mantra our awareness is transformed to be in union with the Buddhas. It is used for purification, protection, and as primary practices toward self realization.

It is said that creating these mantra in any form brings merit and purification, so in Tibet, India and Nepal it is commonly found carved into stones, printed on prayer flags where it spreads its benefits through the winds, and even drawn with gold ink and kept on shrines as an object of reverence and meditation. Its blessings are said to be endless

OM     Represents Compassion

MA     Represents Love

TRI     Changes Anger into Love

MU    Changes Attachment into Generosity

YE      Changes Ignorance into All-Knowingness

SA      Changes Jealousy into Openness

LE      Changes Pride into Peacefulness

DU     Changes Laziness into Awareness

The name Lhamo was given by Tibetan Lamas to signify protective powers of goddess Lhamo on the path of healing work and truthfullness. Lhamo is the goddess mother of all Buddhas, divine feminine energy, she is also Saraswati, goddess of music.

Lhamo bowls are produced by master Santa, whose family has been traditionally producing the bowls for over 450 years in Nepal. His bowls are being used for meditation practices in Buddhist monasteries and sound healing around the world 🙏

Small Bowls for Sound Bath

Few smaller bowls 17-19cm, can be purchased by one or all together