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Welcome to Italy Healing Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats!

We are delighted to welcome to incredibly beautiful corner of the Earth ~ Italy!

Enjoy the country of genuine flavours and inspiring landscapes, ancient history and remarkable atmosphere of the past.
Walk in unforgettable historic centres with enchanting alleways, palazzos, towers and small Romanesque churches.

Immerse yourself to the wonders of the nature: fairytale valleys, the mountains, and the sea.

Try the gifts of nature with vibrant Italian cuisine
Breathe easy and experience blissful meditation.
Rejuvenate yourself with yoga and Ayurveda.
Take your time , breath fully, savor and spice your life.

We thought of every little detail for your delight and peace and created the retreats which combine only the best.
Take a look and choose the one you like: Tuscany or Rome.

We are here to support you on this wonderful journey to the heart of Italy and hopefully your heart too…

Yours sincerely,
Lola Lhamo and the team of Italy Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats


Choose your Healing Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat at Tuscany Villa, Rome Villa or In Sabina (near Rome) Villa

Tuscany Yoga Retreat Rome Yoga RetreatIn Sabina Healing Yoga Retreat