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QUANTA Reiki. Universe Healing. Spiritual Coaching


I’ve been always fascinated by the Art of Energy Healing as started to work with energy and heal others in childhood. Life brought me an incredible journey of discovering Universal Energy from different perspectives, at first as a direct experience of hands-on healing as a kid, then in martial arts from Taoist perspective while learning Kung Fu and Qi Gong, then through the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Vedic tradition, Buddhist Mind Yoga, works of Dr Mikao Usui formulated as Reiki, and finally Javanese spiritual tradition of Universe Healing. It took me many years to fully grasp the expanse of this knowledge passed on to us through generations by the masters of various schools and philosophies of life, and systematize it in an easy-to-learn method for practice of energy healing in today’s world.

For me the healing work is intimately connected with the transformation of the mind and the heart – the success of healing work is in fact in shifting our consciousness to higher universal vibration, in other words, the healing occurs sometimes miraculously when such shift happens. I like to compare this process with drinking pure water after long period of being thirsty while walking in sand dunes.
When the mind is purified, the heart opens up naturally, and the spirit is “lifted” – this is the moment the body is receiving universal healing instantaneously and in abundance. In surrendering to this infinite life-force we experience the state of bliss and harmony – the nourishment for our cells, and this is what heals us.

100h QUANTA Reiki Teacher Training

The course you are about to immerse in is called QUANTA Reiki. Universe Healing. Spiritual Coaching. Here we will go beyond traditional Reiki programme, diving into the ocean of wisdom within ourselves.

In addition to classic Reiki Level 1 training, we will explore:

  • QUANTA Breath: how to use the Breath for self-healing and charge the cells with Qi, what is Microscosmic orbit and why it’s important:
  • QUANTA Meditation: learn Meditation practices and reprogram the patterns of thinking and believes, which hinder our healing and personal growth, obtain the skills of channeling the Universal Force for healing ourselves and others with intention, Light and Color therapy, and sacred symbols. We will look into our DNA Cellular Intelligence as a living energetic matter and expand to understand inter-connectedness of everything with everything, and how we create our life and impact consciousness transformation on the planet as a whole, to fully embrace the power encoded within a human being.
  • iGENOME Spiritual Coaching: we will also learn spiritual coaching techniques to lead ourselves through the process of transformation, and obtain the skills to be able to lead others to fulfill their aspirations and dreams.

QUANTA Reiki is a holistic programme of vast transformation, where the elements from various spiritual traditions and sciences are brought together.

We live in times where rapid spiritual growth is possible and is necessary if we want to transform the society. Such changes come as a result of our personal work, in developing inner strength and integrity, and in respect towards the planet and other beings. Life can be full of joy in every moment.

QUANTA Reiki Programme


1. History of Reiki

2. All is Energy. What is Universe Healing

3. How to channel Universal Energy and Light. Earth and Skies. Gratitude and power of Heart. Practice. Attunement 1

4. Sacred symbols. Practice

5. Quanta Reiki for self-healing. Attunement 2

6. Quanta Reiki for healing others


1. Benefits of breath practices

2. Key Yogic Pranayama techniques (square breathing, alternate nosdrils, kapala bhati)

3. Key Daoist breathing techniques (Primordial/Embyonic breath, reverse breathing)

4. Microcosmic Orbit. Theory and Practice.

5. QUANTA Healing Breath sequence (abdominal, full yogic breath, heart to 3rd eye, 3rd eye, crown, waterfall, golden light, smile in heart, expansion of light).

QUANTA Meditation

1. Power of meditation

2. Meditation Inner Child

3. Meditation Inner Feminine/Masculine

4. Meditation Inner Parents

5. Meditation Higher Self

6. Meditation Connecting to Akasha

7. Meditation Releasing Trauma /Fear

8. Meditation on Healing Light

9. Meditation 5 Elements

10. QUANTA Meditation. Universe Healing. (Space)

QUANTA Spiritual Coaching

1. DNA as a cellular informational blueprint. Neuroscience of success

2. Energy pyramid (frequency of emotions). Transforming traumas into energy reservoirs (how is it good for me, tao spiralling). Practice

3. DNA upgrade through reconnecting to Higher Self and Universal source. Practice

4. Going beyond conditioning. Transforming system of limiting believes. Practice

5. Power of Vision Boards. Practice

6. iGenome and Creative Plan of Actions for ourselves. Practice

7. QUANTA iGenome Spiritual Coaching and guiding others. Practice

Becoming QUANTA Ambassador

1. Holistic Leadership and integrating QUANTA practice into every day life

What will I obtain from learning?

  1. Become certified QUANTA Reiki Energy Healer and start your healing practice
  2. Become QUANTA Breath facilitator – for your personal practice as well as teaching other people simple yet powerful breathing techniques
  3. Become QUANTA Meditation practitioner – for your personal transformation, and helping others to root into their natural state of being and inner power
  4. Become iGENOME Spiritual Coach – integrating into your work Reiki and Spiritual Coaching to help people on multiple dimensions – spiritual and practical

When is the course

Next course will be held over 4 weekends in February and March 2021. Even if you can’t join live online, you will receive lifetime access to all recordings and can watch them at convenient time for you.

4 Modules will be taught over the weekend live online via Zoom

8am-12pm, lunch break, 1-5pm (UK time)

  • 6-7 February
  • 20-21 February
  • 6-7 March
  • 20-21 March

You will be also provided with additional videos to practice as your home work, as well as hours to complete in sharing QUANTA Reiki with others

How can I join?

Please, book below. You can choose 2 options:

Option 1: payment by installments £155 per weekend

Option 2: one payment of £550 for the whole course

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