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“The happiness you have is a mirror to freedom of your heart ~”

Lola Lhamo is the Founder of the Himalayan Yoga & Sound network, Vibroacoustic Therapy Association, QUANTA Bio Energy healing, SOUND ENERGY MEDICINE, and a dedicated teacher of the Himalayan Hatha & Kriya Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama, Reiki & QiGong, integrated to her HEALING YOGA & SOUND Programme.

The yoga she shares is focused on bringing the experience of wholeness.

Lola gives individual one-to-one Healing Yoga & Sound sessions in the United Kingdom, Italy and France. She also organises group yoga sessions in unusual locations – so, stay in touch!

  • Kriya Yoga – ancient Vedic knowledge passed through generations, science of breath and movement, focused on recharging the body with oxygen, slowing down the ageing process, rejuvenating the brain and spinal centres and transforming mind and body.
  • Active and Dynamic Hatha & Kria Yoga for waking up body and spirit and revitalising the balance, the power and the beauty in the movement
  • Restorative Hatha Yoga for greater alignment of body and mind, releasing the tension and achieving the harmony with oneself
  • Meditation for enlightening discovery of one’s nature, its elements and acquiring the balance and fullness
  • Pranayama – yogic breath with deep and complex detoxifying and healing effect
  • Sound Energy Meditation & Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Lola integrates and teaches elements of QUANTA Bio Energy, powerful energy channelling techniques into her classes, sharing with practitioners invaluable healing skills, given to us by nature.


Lola Lhamo’s HEALING YOGA & SOUND classes & retreats in Europe and the UK

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My Yoga Journey..

“…started when I was a 9 years old child, when I found the Kung Fu book dedicated to breath, the basis of any advanced physical exercise. By practicing those techniques my lungs problems and antritis were cured, and that was the moment of realisation how many incredible secrets and capabilities our body hides, waiting to be discovered.

At 19 I was immersed into the integral yoga and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, Indian philosopher with British education who created the city of the future Auroville in 1960ies, with the purpose of realisation of the human unity, peace and freedom, the place now endorsed by UNESCO.

My yoga journey continued further during the time of travelling with Tibetan lamas, visiting India and Nepal, and discovering Buddhism sacred places of meditation and ancient teachings of the Mind Yoga, shared by such masters as Rangrig Rinpoche, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and Patrul Rinpoche. During this time we built The Stupa of Enlightment at the Roerich Museum, place now visited by millions of people.

Several years ago I met another precious teacher – Yogi Ashokananda, the keeper of the secrets to the science of Himalayan Hatha, Power and Kriya yoga, Atma, Kriyashakti, Tantra and Kundalini meditations. Under his strict master guidance I took the Himalayan Hatha Yoga teacher training course (Yogi Ashokananda School & Yoga Alliance UK), and now happily share my knowledge and inspiration with yoga science with those willing to discover the simplicity, the complexity and purification nature of yoga.”

Recently new inspiration came from amazing Dharma Mittra …

Lola founded the Himalayan Yoga & Sound network to bring together yoga practitioners across the globe who share the knowledge of the Himalayan Yoga & Sound in all its profound varieties: Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Agni, Integral, Kriya, Karma, Satyananda, Bikram, Sidha, Ananda, Bhakti, Jnana, Tantra, Nagna, Kundalini, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism Yogas, and many others.

Having background in economics & international management, Lola also leads coaching and mentoring sessions, and currently works with the James Caan company, supporting young entrepreneurs and enjoying seeing inspired businesses growing.

Lola’s yoga studios are in London Greenwich and in Rome Palazzo Altieri, she also teachers at the Theosophical Society in England.

Contact: yoga (@) lolalhamo.com


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