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Dharma Yoga, Kundalini Tantra & Yoga Nidra with Sound Bath

Join us for a this blissful Weekend Workshops in Rome and enjoy Dharma Yoga, Kundalini Tantra and Sound Bath with Shir Shemesh and Lola Lhamo.

If you have been practicing and teaching Yoga for some time and was looking for the next step, this is for YOU.

Jan-May 2020. 300 hours Yoga TTC in Rome is coming soon (click here for more details).

What to expect:

Dharma Yoga
Dharma yoga is a heart opening and mind expanding yoga practice, based on the teachings of the legendary teacher Sri Dharma Mittra. This practice is designed for those wishing to advance through progressively challenging asana practices. This practice is a mix of different Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles, which design to stimulate all the energy centers of the body, unleashing the dormant forces within you.

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Kundalini Tantra
Kundalini Tantra is dealing with various practices that has to do with the Chakra system. Its goal is Kundalini awakening. Kundalini is dormant energy resides in the base of the spine. In this part we will focus on a set of exercises following the energy centers (Chakras) along the spine. Learning how to release blockages of these centers using breathing exercises, gestures (Mudras), locks (Bandhas), visualisations, meditations and sounds (Mantras). This practice brings a gradual awareness of the Chakras and increase sense of inner connection and inner peace . We will end with a profound relaxation in order to integrate back the body, mind and spirit connection.

Yoga Nidra and Sound Energy Bath with Tibetan Singing Bowls + overtone chanting

~ Yoga Nidra – yogic sleep, state of awareness, bringing ultimate relaxation and brain rejuvenation.
~ Sound Energy Medicine. Nada Yoga. Sound Bath with Tibetan Singing Bowls.
Nada Yoga is all about discovering our inner sound and the union through the sound with cosmic consciousness, for spiritual expansion and transformation.
We will enjoy ancient celestial sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls during Sound Bath for deep relaxation, releasing physical and emotional tension, reconnecting to ourselves and inner harmony.
~ Lola will be integrating overtone chanting, ancient sound healing technique practiced by Tibetans

Saturday 22nd June:
9.00-10.30 Kundalini Tantra, Ajna and Muladhara Chakra
10.45-12-30 Dharma Yoga Master Class, back bends and arms balances
12.30-13.15 Yoga Nidra with Sound Bath

Sunday 23rd June:
9.00-10.30 Kundalini Tantra, Swadhisthana and Manipura
10.45-12-30 Dharma Yoga Master Class, forward bends and inversions
12.30-13.15 Yoga Nidra with Sound Bath

Registration and Info:
shirsh644@gmail.com, or yoga@lolalhamo.com

Investment: €50 per day or €100 both days

To book via PayPal to yoga@lolalhamo.com

Looking forward to sharing with you!

Shir Shemesh and Lola Lhamo

Your Yoga Teachers:

Shir Shemesh

For more information about Shir Shemesh check:


Shir started his yoga journey in 2004 taking traditional Hatha yoga classes. As a professional musician in order to improve his body awareness and body posture Shir studied Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method. While leaving Israel he practiced mainly Vijnana Yoga, a yoga style invented by Orit San-Gupta. It is a mix of Iyengar and slow flow that brings a lot of awareness into yoga postures as well as to the breathing techniques. In Vijnana yoga there is emphasis on the different Vayus (spaces) of the body. Many yogic imprints in Shir’s practice are from this yoga style.

His first teacher-training course was a Sivananda Yoga 200 hour teacher training. In this one-month life transforming experience, Shir discovered his life purpose of sharing this beautiful gift of yoga with others. Many of Shir’s teaching are directly connected to the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati and Swami Vishnudevananda.

In his quest of searching for more subtle experiences of yoga and understanding how to strive towards yoga, Shir looked for a living master. At that time he found his Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. By meeting him Shir felt that many of his questions about how to live yoga fully were answered. That meeting helped Shir to have a rapid progress in his own Sadhana (practice of yoga towards self realization). Shir completed the advance teacher training with Dharma Mittra, with eternal feeling of gratefulness.

Shir has been teaching yoga for the last 7 years sharing his knowledge all over the world, in regular classes as well as giving special workshops in various topics, such as Master Classes, Pranayama-Bandha-Mudra-Laya, Yoga of sounds, Mantra chanting, Detox and more.

Over the last few years Shir has been traveling around the world, having a backpack as his home. This life style invoked him to deepen his own inner base. In this period of time his curiosity towards complimenting healing methods led him to take Ayurveda and Thai Yoga massage courses.

From November 2016 on Shir have been teaching various teacher training course, and is part of the teacher training team of FeelingSoulGood and Parimukti schools of yoga.

  • Certified as Sivananda Yoga teacher 200 hours.
  • Certified as Dharma Yoga teacher 500 hours.
  • E-RYT 500 hours Yoga Alliance registered teacher.
  • Over 2000 hours and 7 years of teaching experience.
  • Master Degree in medieval music.
  • Ayurveda course with Dr. Ahrun Sharma in Dharmasala.
  • Thai Yoga Massage course with the Sunshine Network.
  • Teaching in various 200 hours and 300 hours teacher training courses: Anatomy, Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama, Mantras and Chanting, Teaching Methodology and more…

Lola Lhamo

For more information about Lola Lhamo check:


Lola Lhamo has connection with yoga and energy healing from childhood. Life brought her meetings with wonderful teachers, Indian yogis and Tibetan lamas… Lola helped building Enlightment Stupa at Roerich Museum, travelled with Tibetan lamas to India and Nepal to Buddhist monasteries and place of power, participated at World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in India… Lola learned the techniques of working with energy, sound and vibration from Tibetan lamas and other masters of energy healing and yoga, and after 25 years of practice she created YOGA & SOUND ENERGY MEDICINE and QUANTA Bio Energy Healing – sacred practices of energy medicine, combining yoga, mindfulness, sound and vibrational healing.

Lola integrates knowledge of Himalayan Hatha & Kriya Yoga, Tibetan Mind Yoga and Neuropsychology, Pranayam and Meditation, Sound Energy Medicine and healing with the power of voice and Himalayan Singing Bowls, Qi Gong and Cosmic Healing, – transformational practices, reconnecting to our true nature, developing capacity to manage inner energy for healing and wholeness.

Lola manages Sound Energy Medicine Association offering Sound Therapy courses worlwide for yoga teachers and energy healers, psychotherapists and clinicians, enjoys merging latest scientific research in sound and vibrational medicine with sacred yogic scriptures. At the moment over 100 graduates share Sound Therapy at hospitals, hospices, charity organisations for children and disabled, military, centres for post-traumatic support, in yoga and meditation classes, Reiki and other massage therapies.

Lola gives individual one-to-one Lhamo Yoga & Sound Energy Medicine healing sessions around the world, has yoga studios in London & Rome. She also organises group yoga sessions & retreats in unusual locations