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LONDON 2017, upcoming workshops

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HIMALAYAN ENERGY HEALING: Chakras, Breath, Yoga & Singing Bowls

20 May 2017, Theosophical Society of England, 11am – 4pm

In the Himalayas for over 3000 years people have been practicing powerful energy healing methods, which became accessible on the West less than 150 years ago..

In accordance with the ancient scripts there are thousands of energy channels in our body, and prana, the breath of life, flows through them. By activating and purifying the chakras, our energy centres, we ensure this life force energy is circulating properly in the body, for our good health, and even more – this helps us to go beyond and connect with the universal consciousness and cosmic energy.

This full day retreat is dedicated to discovering and practicing powerful energy healing practices of the Himalayas:  breathing techniques (pranayama), inner vibrations (mantras) and physical exercises (yoga asanas) for purifying our energy centres (chakras) and releasing physical and emotional tension, Nidra yoga for brain rejuvenation, and Himalayan singing bowls for deep meditation and connection to ourselves.

You will learn simple yet powerful techniques to take home for practice, with regular practice you will improve the vitality of body and mind, and obtain spiritual wholeness.

Recommended for complete beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners.

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17903672_662450783940285_6911752674825991531_nSOUND ENERGY MEDICINE and NADA YOGA with Tibetan Singing Bowls

2 full days educational course with certification by Vibroacoustic Therapy Association

9-11 June 2017, Healing Yoga & Sound Studio, SE8 3JP, Greenwich, London

Learn ancient Energy Medicine techniques of the Himalayas – healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

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LONDON, passed workshops:

  • REJUVENATING YOGA: 1.5h, 15£


We will learn holistic HEALING Yoga practice, which is aimed for active body and mind rejuvenation. It combines active breathing (Kriya) to detoxify the body and Hatha Yoga asanas for rejuvenating the brain, the spine, the glands and internal organs work. We will also practice Pranayama or yogic breath for rejuvenating the body on cellular level and making the skin shining. Guided relaxation and meditation will help to release the stress and bring harmony and balance. This MasterClass will help to reconnect to your Life Force Energy and re~activate your body and mind potential. Regular Rejuvenating Yoga practice, which is easy to learn and practice at home, improves health, well~being, longevity, and happiness.

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Meditation, Cosmic Healing (Tao QiGong) and Reiki practices have a lot in common ~ they open human potential in natural healing. Discover these wonderful practices in 3h MasterClass with Lola Lhamo. We will learn Chakras Meditation which will release negative blocks in the body, synchronise and enliven your vital energy centers, directly impacting your healing, menthal and physical capacities and improving your well~being due to possibility of accepting more Prana (Life Force) and its easy flow through the body. Empowering Cosmic Healing practice helps to raise the vibration by direct connection to Cosmic Energy (Qi) and letting it to purify the body. Reiki is a holistic therapy with energy flowing through our hands which brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. These practices enrich life experience and are easy to learn and practice at any moment.

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Reiki healingBreath like the Sea


RENJUVENATING YOGA: Yoga & Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls: 6 March, 12-1.30pm


ROME (passed):

  • REJUVENATING YOGA: 15 April 17.30~20.30
  • PURIFYING MEDITATION, COSMIC HEALING & REIKI: 27 March 17.30~20.30 or 17 April 17.30~20.30
  • PRANAYAMA: 2 April, 19.15~21.00