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Regular group classes Healing Yoga & Sound:

~ Each Monday 7-8.30pm at Healing Yoga & Sound Studio, Greenwich (follow this link)

~ Each Tuesday & Thursday, 11am – 12.30pm at Theosophical Society in England by Baker St (follow this link)

~ Sunday Yoga Picnic at Greenwich Park, 11am (follow this link :)

One-on-one Energy Healing 

~ One-on-one Healing Yoga & Sound (follow this link)

~ Sound Energy Medicine – healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls (follow this link)

Master-Classes (follow this link)


The Story of Healing Yoga & Sound

I was 9 years old, when discovered how much healing power our body and mind have…

Simple breathing exercises used by KungFu trainees to prepare their bodies for intense physical exercises helped me to heal my lungs problems and antritis. As a child that was a fascinating discovery of the world hidden inside myself, coming from the knowledge passed through generations and distances.

It took me more than 20 years to create the Programme of HEALING Yoga & Sound, which was born during this long journey. HEALING Yoga  integrates the knowledge of great Masters I’ve met on this way travelling all around the world ~ in India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, France, USA, and the UK.

I am grateful to all the Masters I had opportunity to know personally and through their inspiring works: true Yogis Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vishnu Devananda, Dharma Mittra and Yogi Ashokananda; Tibetan lamas and keepers of the secrets of Buddhist Mind Yoga Rangrig Rinpoche, Patrul Rinpoche and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche; QiGong and Tao Master Mantak Chia; Reiki Master Mikao Isui; to Nikolai Roerich, Anastassia and Matrona.

I am staying a strong believer that divinity is within ourselves and the power we have is that of sincerety, integrity, genuity, discipline, courage, and trust to the Universe and people around us.

Thank you for sharing the HEALING Yoga & Sound practice!

What are the elements of HEALING Yoga & Sound?

If I am to choose the practices that develop the wholeness in our body and mind, I would first start with the breath, as I did it being a child.

Teaching to breath sounds like a paradox, and looking at it can come with a sense of inquisitiveness. Indeed, have you ever been focused on your breath fully, and when you do ~ are you actually aware of where the air is going to and how important it is for all the systems of our body? Received unconsciously, the air and the breathing are taken for granted most of the time, and, being unmanageable and unnoticed, they may even cause the damage to the body with the wrong posture, for example, or create the stress and uncomfort to the mind. By accepting the existence of breath as the core of our beeing (have you ever thought about it?), we give back to the body its healing power and open up incredible possibilities for ourselves.

Extending our belly and lungs fully, allowing air to reach every little cell of our body, every part of our organs and tissues, improving our blood circulation, glands’ and organs’ work, balancing our brain, releasing stress and achieving physical and mental harmony naturally ~ these are the natural consequences of practicing Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga.

There are several powerful practices, taking their roots in Vedas, that are based on the science of breathing, which I am sharing in Healing Yoga & Sound:

  • Kriya Yoga ~ ancient Vedic knowledge passed through generations, science of breath and movement, focused on recharging the body with oxygen, slowing down the ageing process, rejuvenating the brain and spinal centres and transforming mind and body.
  • Pranayama ~ yogic breath with deep and complex detoxifying and healing effect
  • Active and Dynamic Hatha & Kriya Yoga for waking up body and spirit and revitalising the balance, the power and the beauty in the movement
  • Restorative Hatha Yoga for greater alignment of body and mind, releasing the tension and achieving the harmony with oneself
  • Meditation for enlightening discovery of one’s nature, its elements and acquiring the balance and fullness
  • Kriya & Chakra Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls is an amazing journey towards balancing all energies and chakras in the body, with active & calm internal Kriya breathing, and surrounded by enlightening sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Sound Energy meditation & healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

The science of these practices is based on knowing the body and the mind work and directing this knowledge for more in~depth discovery of ourselves and growing our capabilities through this discovery.

If I am to put this simple ~ by extending our breath we extend our life and life force and all that comes with it!

When breathing with awareness active physical exercises bring more benefit to the body and mind ~ and we are practicing dynamic and powerful yoga!

The healing power of breath, body and mind is complemented by energy in… our hands.

We often talk with our eyes, connecting to each other, looking at each other, hugging each other, touching each other. The healing power in our hands is immerse, and, being natural healers, we often forget about it. This knowledge comes back when we receive a healing hug from our mother or dear friend or lover and feel the warmth of being touched with love.

The ancient Tao science of Cosmic Healing and Japanese Reiki, known to many people, come from this knowledge accumulated through centuries. I’ve developed QUANTA Bio Energy healing programme for channeling other people and teaching them energy healing techniques. Easy to practice these skills are easy to obtain and practice at any moment of your life.

In HEALING Yoga & Sound programme I connected and integrated this knowledge passed by Masters, and I am happy to share it with you at my classes and retreats. I hoped to make the Programme easy for learning, so you could start practicing both at classes and independently at your own home with full awareness about your body and mind work and the healing power within yourself.

I am still learning…

Lola LhamoYours Sincerely,

Lola Lhamo